Ding Dong, The CMS Is Dead

To effectively engage with customers requires a whole new mindset in structuring, organising, managing, presenting and analysing content.

The CMS was invented in the 90s; dreamed up to help users update website pages and components. At the time, it was a revolutionary way of giving marketers rather than techies and developers the much-needed tools to take control of their websites.

Since then, the web has transformed beyond recognition, and the CMS has failed to evolve along with it. The CMS of today slows down and frustrates its users, creates content silos and encourages duplication. It has become entirely irrelevant to ambitious marketers who need to create omnichannel experiences that meet the expectations of today’s customers.

A digital transformation is required for a school to engage with their customers over multiple channels. School markers need a whole new mindset in structuring, organising, managing, presenting and analysing content.

The reality is, an entirely new type of platform is needed:

  • One that delivers digital experiences, not web pages - focused on journeys rather than interactions.
  • One that makes it possible -and easy- to deliver content and experiences across different channels.
  • One that delivers PERSONALISED digital experiences in real-time.

Undoubtedly, providers will try and mask the failings of their legacy CMS by calling their software a ‘marketing and communication platform’ instead. Still, a closer inspection will inevitably reveal the same old weaknesses under the hood. This is because a CMS cannot be retrospectively adapted into a platform for digital experience. Instead, the platform and its architecture must be imagined from the ground up, created specifically to meet the intended purpose.

AMAIS™ is schools' first and only Digital Experience Ecosystem (DXE). A digital marketing command centre; tasked with helping schools deliver more engaging, multi-channel experiences that result in meaningful outcomes.

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