Data And Creativity Working In Harmony

Introducing Kris Jeary, UBIQ's Creative Director

For the past 25 years, Kris has been leading design teams and creating compelling digital experiences. During which he has meticulously developed and honed a design process centred around research-based design - that effectively combines science and data in ways that inform and validate the creative.

Through this unique ability to combine data, user behaviour and user-centric design, alongside originality and fresh thinking, Kris has produced some of the most compelling and immersive digital experiences on the Internet. Which means that he is the ideal Creative Director for Ubiq. He dares to be different and encourages our clients to do the same. 

"I have met many great designers in my career and it remains shocking to me that so many eschew data and research with the misguided view it hampers their creativity. You won’t be surprised to discover that I take the opposite view.

Design is objective, it exists to solve problems, removing research leads to a designer relying on ego and aesthetics, making it subjective and moving closer to art rather than design.

A designer is not an artist - an artist creates aesthetic work for speculative sales and is a complete package. A designer creates an interactive product with a goal and a purpose behind it, there is an external purpose outside of the product.

So if we accept this premise, how can we design a solution without first defining the problem and its causes and then finding solutions that will work?  The best way to do this is through considered and planned research, tuned to each client and their goals. An experienced designer will then read the results and use their skills and knowledge to apply this understanding to the solutions they recommend.

Rather than restricting creativity, it defines the canvas we will use, it will tell us who we are talking to and what tasks they need to complete.

Research is not just upfront either. Design is collaborative between an agency and their client, where inevitably there will be differences of opinion when working on a project, so having research allows these differing opinions to be tested by the goals and what we know of user behaviour, ensuring we are always designing for our personas and not ourselves.

Of course, you have to find a happy medium.

The research phase can only take you so far since not every eventuality or user journey can be foreseen. We therefore also rely on our client’s knowledge of their users, and our own experience in solving similar problems.  We always say that web design is an iterative process. The beauty of digital is how easily we can test and action changes to improve performance. Research and data monitoring are what dictate those changes and increase your chances of long term success."

Kris Jeary, Creative Director


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