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Our process is grounded in supporting our schools to achieve their goals, whatever they might be. No Jedi mind tricks or magic fairy sprinkles are involved; we simply give our schools the support they need to take risks. Our creatives have the freedom they need to be original, our project managers have the time to build strong relationships through collaboration, and our technical team has the resources to build cutting-edge technology. When those things combine, the result is unrivalled.


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When commissioning a new school website, schools need three different agencies: a creative website design and development agency for the design and build, a software company to build the platform and a digital marketing agency for promotion and amplification. Traditionally, school website providers attempt to be all three; but seldom do they have the expertise or capacity to deliver effectively such a breadth of scope across all three disciplines. When you commission Ubiq, however, you'll see that the business is divided into three individual and distinct entities.

1.  Creative Design and Development Agency: Ubiq™
2.  Software Company: AMAIST™
3.  Digital Marketing Agency: The Virtual Marketer


If you're looking to improve your school's online presence but are unsure where to begin, contact us directly, and we'll be happy to discuss how we can work together.

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